Privacy Policy

Softbear, Inc. collects information to provide, measure, and improve services for all our users.

Generally speaking, the amount of personal information collected is minimal, and you can opt out of providing most of it.

Information We Collect

Information Collection method Suggested opt-out method Primary purpose Storage duration
Nickname Splash screen Leave blank Differentiate between players Forever, assuming score is leaderboard-worthy
Team name Team panel Don't make team Differentiate between teams As long as the team exists
Chat messages Radio panel Don't send any Allow and moderate player communication Forever, until manually deleted
User agent, referrer Game server Install a browser extension to hide them Provide for aggregate statistics Forever
How long you play, FPS Game server N/A Provide for aggregate statistics Forever

Use of Cookies

In order to ensure the continuity and consistency of player experience, and provide for internal operations, we store a persistent session identifier in your browser's local storage. You can reset it at any time, by using your browser's "clear site data" option. We do not use this information for advertising purposes.

Other information, such as which language and volume level you select, is also stored in your browser's local storage but we don't collect it.

Third party advertising partners

We occasionally display advertisements using Google AdSense. In order to serve advertisements, Google uses cookies and local storage that track your usage of this website and collect your IP address, as well as your browser and device characteristics. To opt out of personalized advertisements, click here. For additional details, review the Google privacy policy.


We reserve the right to alter these privacy policies at any time, without notice.

Contact Us

If you have any concern, such as a desire to remove your nickname or your child's nickname from a leaderboard, please contact us by email at