Terms of service

The following terms govern your use of the Softbear, Inc. websites and games.

Allowed Activities

You are granted a non-exclusive license to do the following for either commercial or non-commercial purposes, provided you adhere to all the terms.

  1. Playing the games.
  2. Recording and/or publishing screenshots, videos, or other content involving the games.
  3. Using the individual game textures or adaptations of them in connection with content involving the game (such as in a video thumbnail).
  4. Embedding the game websites providing that the game retains its full title. (For example, you may embed Mk48.io on another website provided that the game retains its full title "Mk48.io".)
  5. Linking to the game on another website.

Prohibited Activities

You are prohibited from engaging in any of the following activities.

  1. Disclosing any personal information (full name, contact information, etc.), by any means, if you are under 13 years of age.
  2. Using inappropriate or offensive language for a player nickname, team name, in game chat, or in any comments section corresponding to the game.
  3. Placing a higher burden on the game's server(s) than two instances of the official game client would (opening more than two connections at a time, sending messages at a higher frequency, or otherwise compromising the integrity of the server(s)).
  4. Violating any applicable law, or violating the rights or privacy of others.
  5. Claiming to offer a downloadable version of a game (as one does not exist).
  6. Attempting to bypass our policy preventing leaderboard score attempts on non-public servers.


Softbear, Inc. games are provided "AS IS". The developers make no warranties, express or implied, and hereby disclaim all implied warranties, including any warranty of merchantibility and warranty of fitness of fitness for a particular purpose.


Softbear is a trademark of Softbear, Inc.


We reserve the right to alter these Terms of Service at any time, without notice.